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Faith and the Imagination: The Call to the Arts

vocatioArt has always been a part of personal faith lives. From religious icons, to hymns of praise, worshippers have used art as a tool to pray and praise. Songs and hymns give praise to God. Paintings and sculptures depict stories from scripture to let the worshipper understand the story in a new way. Dramas have brought sacred stories to life.

This year, the Vocatio Chapel Series will focus on “Faith and the Imagination: The Call to the Arts.” Throughout this year, artists and art commentators will share stories of their call to work as painters, potters, singers, actors, critics, and promoters.

With the vibrant arts scene in the Twin Cities, it seems appropriate to hear how faith has influenced their art — and how their art has influenced their faith. Campus Ministry and Exploring Our Gifts together with the Art, Music, Theater, and English departments bring a line-up of local artists and art supporters who talk about what the arts mean to them and their personal faith journey.

Each speaker will share his or her story during the regularly scheduled daily chapel service. A luncheon will follow the service, allowing interested students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to delve deeper into conversation with the guest. To attend a luncheon, contact Ross Murray at

Fall 2008

PapatolaSeptember 17 — Dominic Papatola

Dominic Papatola is the critic-at-large for The State of the Stage and theater critic for the Pioneer Press. He also is a candidate for a Masters in Theology and the Arts degree at United Theological Seminary.



GreenlundOctober 15 — David Greenlund

David Greenlund is the pastor for Peace Lutheran Church, Lauderdale, Minn. His congregation hosts the Artists Way, a ministry of the arts. David is himself an accomplished potter.



BryantNovember 12 — Aimee Bryant

Often lauded as one of the Twin Cities’ finest musical theater performers, Aimee K. Bryant was steeped in gospel harmonies and black consciousness. The influence of the city and its music resonate in the poetry and delivery of Aimee’s compositions.



SedioDecember 10 — Mark Sedio

Mark Sedio is Director of Music at Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis. He has presented hymn festivals and recitals around the United States and Europe.


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