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Faith and the Imagination: The Call to the Arts

vocatioArt has always been a part of personal faith lives. From religious icons, to hymns of praise, worshippers have used art as a tool to pray and praise. Songs and hymns give praise to God. Paintings and sculptures depict stories from scripture to let the worshipper understand the story in a new way. Dramas have brought sacred stories to life.

This year, the Vocatio Chapel Series will focus on “Faith and the Imagination: The Call to the Arts.” Throughout this year, artists and art commentators will share stories of their call to work as painters, potters, singers, actors, critics, and promoters. Continue reading “Faith and the Imagination: The Call to the Arts”

Vocatio Chapel with Dr. Paul Quie, Oct. 24

quieAugsburg College continues its Vocatio Chapel Series on Science as Vocation on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 10:20 a.m. with Dr. Paul Quie.

Quie is a professor of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota. He will speak to the Augsburg community about “The Call to Science & Medicine.”

“Dr. Quie was recommended to me as a researcher who has had a tremendous impact on the lives of patients and of children,” says Ross Murray, campus ministry associate and coordinator of the chapel series. “He is highly respected within the medical community.”

In addition to his teaching, Quie has also advised the founding of the Physicians Assistant Program at Augsburg and continues to work with summer research students.

People interested in having lunch with Quie following chapel are encouraged to email

Dr. Peter Agre '70 to Launch Vocatio Chapel Series

agre_3MAugsburg is launching the Vocatio Chapel series on Sept. 19, at 10:20 a.m. with Nobel-Prize laureate and alumnus Dr. Peter Agre. The yearlong chapel series will focus on the theme “Science as Vocation.”  Agre will speak about his calling to work in the field of chemistry.

Agre received his B.A. from Augsburg College and his M.D. from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In 2003, Agre received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of the long-sought “channels” that regulate and facilitate water molecule transport through cell membranes, a process essential to all living organisms. Continue reading “Dr. Peter Agre '70 to Launch Vocatio Chapel Series”