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The new 'Augsburg Now'

new_nowThe Augsburg Now, the magazine of Augsburg College, recently got a bit of a facelift. The Fall 2008 issue, with three of Augsburg’s RNC interns featured on the cover, arrived on campus and will be hitting mailboxes soon.

Now editor, Betsey Norgard, said the redesign served two purposes–to make the look consistent with Augsburg’s brand and to add some new features to articles including “web extras.” “There is often more to a story than we can put into the magazine,” said Norgard, “The web extras give us the opportunity to tell the whole story by directing readers to our website for more.”

Kim Stone, Augsburg’s director of alumni and constituent relations, plans to work with Norgard on an e-newsletter which will be used to keep alumni, parents, and friends in touch with Augsburg between editions of the magazine. The newsletter will feature stories and information about events that cannot, for any number of reasons, be included in the magazine. “We want to keep readers up to date on alumni events and what’s happening on campus, as well as share stories about Augsburg beyond the print edition of the magazine.”

If you haven’t received your Augsburg Now in the mail or picked up a copy on campus, go to to see what’s inside.

Here are some of the Institutional Advancement staff’s favorite articles or pages from the new Now:

Jeremy Wells, VP of Institutional Advancement

The new look and feel is awesome! I think the “Awesome Discovery” story (page 10) is just a great example of a true liberal arts education and the importance of relationships with alumni.

Betsey Norgard — Editor

I enjoy the last page, “My Auggie Experience,” which gives us opportunity to highlight the richness and variety of an Auggie education. I hope alums will let us know about their “Auggie Experience” for future issues.

Stephen Geffre — Staff Photographer

I like the baby elephant (page 19) that we used for the cover of the “Get Political” story. I just think it’s a cute photo, and I really pushed to have it included.

Jennifer Nagorski, Creative Associate — Design

I like the photo on the back best. I took Tara’s watercolor class last year and remember the day we went to the river to paint–it was a great day!

Wendi Wheeler, Creative Associate — Editorial

The photo Stephen took of Jordan Berg (page 6) is outstanding! He is an excellent photographer. My favorite story is the “Get Political” piece (page 19) because meeting the students and writing about their experiences at the RNC was really fun for me.

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