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Have you seen the sign?

auggie_signRecently one of Augsburg’s most visible symbols got a major facelift. The Augsburg “A” and “Augsburg” signs atop Mortensen Hall were replaced in January with updated LED logos that serve as a beacon to commuters who pass the campus daily on Interstate 94 and to residents of the Twin Cities.

Julie Edstrom, Augsburg’s vice president of enrollment management, says that even though Augsburg is located along a major freeway in the state’s largest city, the College hasn’t been very visible to the tens of thousands of people driving by every day. “I’m always surprised when people who live right here in the Twin Cities ask me where Augsburg is located,” Edstrom says. She adds that the cost of advertising on metro area billboards, buses, and skyways is a significant investment. For Augsburg, Edstrom believes taking advantage of Augsburg’s location and proximity to downtown Minneapolis with prominent, attractive signage that can be seen from all directions, day or night, will pay big dividends for visibility and name recognition for the College.

“It’s like having our own billboard year ’round.”

President Pribbenow agrees. “It is a major marketing investment that we believe offers us the greatest return for visibility, pride of place, and quite honestly as a marker for folks to find our campus,” he says.

In the coming week, Auggie Eagle will sponsor a “Where Was This Photo Taken?” contest on Inside Augsburg. Using a photo and its accompanying clues, Auggies will determine the precise location where pictures of our new Augsburg signs were taken. The Auggie who gets the most correct answers will win a $50 gift certificate to the Augsburg bookstore. NOTE: if there is a tie for most correct answers, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.

See the old sign come down and the new one go up.

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Augsburg Sign by the Numbers:

5′ – height of the “A” in Augsburg

30′ – width of the word “Augsburg” facing the freeway and the quad

10′ x 36′ – dimensions of the long sign panels with the word “Augsburg”

10′ x 26′ – dimensions of the shorter sign panels featuring the “Augsburg College” logo

295 – number of stairs from the ground floor to the roof of Mortensen. But most people just take the elevator.

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