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Congratulations new WEC senators

wecsenateThis year, the Weekend College Student Senate initialed a comprehensive restructuring process. This restructuring process allowed the group to increase representation for all WEC students, by providing each academic division with representation that is proportionate to their major student population.

In the new structure, students are represented by an Executive Board of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Communication Coordinator, as well as four Professional Studies Senators, one Natural & Social Sciences Senator, one Fine Arts & Humanities Senator, and one At-Large Senator.

This process culminated in the recent WEC student body elections. The results for the election are below:

President — Christine Smith

Vice President — Robert DeLoach

Treasurer — Boe Barlage

Communication Coordinator — Jessica Jacob

Professional Studies Senators — La Shawn Hankton, Kelsey Holberg, Greg Jacob, and Deanne Nelson

Natural & Social Sciences Senator — Brianna Diaz

Fine Arts & Humanities Senator — Kim Simmonds

At-Large Senator — Jennifer Weber

Congratulations to all of the new WEC Senate members!

Thank you to outgoing officers, including President Thomas Gouras, Vice President Jennifer Weber, Treasurer Aeillyne Yburan, Senator Christopher King, and Senator John Boyd.

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Back row, L to R: Jessica Jacob (Communication Coordinator), Robert DeLoach (Vice President), Boe Barlage (Treasurer), Kim Simmonds (Fine Arts & Humanities Senator), Kelsey Holberg (Professional Studies Senator)

Front row, L to R: Deanne Nelson (Professional Studies Senator), Christine Smith (President), Brianna Diaz (Natural & Social Sciences Senator)

Submitted by Jessica Fox-Wilson

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