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Meet your student body presidents

student_presidentsAugsburg’s weekend and day student body presidents have a lot on their plates. In addition to taking classes and maintaining a personal life, they each have the added responsibility of representing hundreds of students.

Christine Smith is the weekend college student body president. She is a communication studies major from St. Paul. Houa Lor is the day college student body president. He’s a sociology major with a minor in political science, and he is also from St. Paul.

We talked with Christine and Houa about their responsibilities, challenges, and ideas. While their constituencies have some differences, it seems they also have a lot in common. And, perhaps not surprisingly, the presidents’ advice to the students they represent is very similar.

Congratulations and good luck to both Christine and Houa! Continue reading “Meet your student body presidents”

Congratulations new WEC senators

wecsenateThis year, the Weekend College Student Senate initialed a comprehensive restructuring process. This restructuring process allowed the group to increase representation for all WEC students, by providing each academic division with representation that is proportionate to their major student population.

In the new structure, students are represented by an Executive Board of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Communication Coordinator, as well as four Professional Studies Senators, one Natural & Social Sciences Senator, one Fine Arts & Humanities Senator, and one At-Large Senator. Continue reading “Congratulations new WEC senators”