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The Forum on Workplace Inclusion Launches Professional Development Labs

The forum on Workplace inclusion and Augsburg University logosThe Forum on Workplace Inclusion, a program of Augsburg University, is launching a new learning opportunity: Professional Development Labs. Each PDL is a half-day mini conference that focuses on a specific industry or topic, and participants will come away with a goal-oriented action plan.

The first PDL, “Engaging Religious Diversity in the Workplace: Building Your Interfaith Strategy and Skillset,” will be 12-4 p.m. Central on Monday, November 8. This online PDL, created in conjunction with Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), will help participants learn why engaging religious diversity matters in the workplace, identify concrete skills to engage religious diversity and enhance workplace culture, and create a customized action plan for how to engage religious diversity productively in the workplace. Participants can choose from three action planning breakout sessions: Simple First Steps to Engaging Religious Diversity in Your Workplace; What Happens When Conflict Arises?: Addressing Challenging Religious Diversity Scenarios at Work; or Formalizing Interfaith Engagement: Creating an Interfaith Employee Resource Group in Your Workplace. The presenters will include Eboo Patel (IFYC), Farah Siddiqui (Salesforce), and Megan Hughes Johnson (IFYC). More information and a registration link are available on this PDL’s webpage.

Two additional PDLs on topics yet to be determined will be scheduled for 2021-22.

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