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Community garden bears much fruit…and veggies

community_gardenThe Augsburg Community Garden started as a small seed and has sprouted into a beautiful space on campus. The garden has gathered much attention and promises even more action for the next year. In order to celebrate the garden’s achievements, a Harvest Garden Party will be held on Thursday, October 2 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the Community Garden on the west edge of campus behind parking Lot G.

The garden began as part of the Campus Kitchens Project, Augsburg’s program that recycles leftover food and serves meals at places of need. The initial purpose was to grow food for Campus Kitchens. Also, the garden would host Community Health Originates in Creating Environmental Sustainability (Project CHOICES) to teach urban students about food production and nutrition. These students would grow produce and learn how to cook healthy meals. Continue reading “Community garden bears much fruit…and veggies”