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Berlovitz brings her talent to Augsburg, brings out talent in actors

titanicorchestraThe cast of The Titanic Orchestra didn’t know Barbra Berlovitz, an icon in the Twin Cities theater scene, before they auditioned for the play she is guest directing at Augsburg this spring. None of the students had attended a production at the Tony award-winning Theatre de la Jeune Lune, where Berlovitz was the co-artistic director for 25 years. But the entire cast agrees that working with her has been a valuable experience in their development as actors.

Justin Caron, a junior theater major, said Berlovitz is a master at bringing out an actor’s unique talents. “She’s good at getting people to make new discoveries without telling them exactly what to do and working with the talent we have and trying to make that come out,” Caron said. Continue reading “Berlovitz brings her talent to Augsburg, brings out talent in actors”

Beckett's "Eleuthéria" examines human existence

eleutheriaAugsburg’s Eleuthéria by Samuel Beckett with translation by Michael Brodsky opens Jan. 30 and features the directing talents of Barbra Berlovitz, formerly with the Theatre de la Jeune Lune.

Looking for freedom, Victor Krap turns his back on his family, fiancée, and friends and moves into a room furnished with nothing but a bed. His parents and fiancée, Miss Skunk, try desperately to bring him back into the family fold and society. Written in French, Eleuthéria (which means “freedom” in Greek) is Beckett’s first completed work and was written just prior to his best-known piece Waiting for Godot. Eleuthéria is filled with irony and humor, allowing us to laugh at ourselves while examining the inescapable problems of our human existence. Continue reading “Beckett's "Eleuthéria" examines human existence”