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Students illustrate values in "I Believe"

honors200How would you express your core beliefs in a creative way? Students in Mary Lowe’s Honors section of Christian Vocation and the Search for Meaning recently showed the campus community how they responded to this challenge.

The class presented their “I Believe” projects this week, using art, poetry, and nature to demonstrate one of their core beliefs in a creative way. Some made videos, others created art pieces, and some students even cooked to show their core belief.

Megan Holm, a junior education major, made a book with quotes from elementary students about how they served others. “What if everyone answered ‘yes’ when asked to help another? What would the world look like?” Holm wondered in her belief statement. The book shows how Holm serves the world through teaching. Continue reading “Students illustrate values in "I Believe"”

Summer Bridge students arrive

trio_bridgeSeveral members of the Augsburg College class of 2012 have already joined the Augsburg community! Recently, 27 students came to campus to begin the TRIO/Student Support Services Summer Bridge Program. This five week academic program is offered to Augsburg first-year students who qualify for the TRIO/SSS program.

Summer Bridge students take two college credit courses: Christian Vocation and the Search for Meaning taught by Mark Tranvik and Introduction to Public Speaking with Bob Groven. Continue reading “Summer Bridge students arrive”