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Women's Resource Center honors courageous women

courageous_womenAt the Anne Pederson Women’s Resource Center Koryne Horbal lecture, two women were recognized for their courage and tenacity with the first annual Courageous Woman Awards. These awards acknowledge and recognize women who see injustice or need, act on it, take risks in order to “do the right thing,” and raise their voices to champion women. Founded in 2011 by Friends of the Anne Pederson Women’s Resource Center at Augsburg College, the awards program recognizes women who courageously strive for social justice and peace on campus or in the wider community and whose efforts, be they small or large, make a difference to women. The 2011 awards are given in memory of Jessica Nathanson whose life exemplified what it means to be a courageous woman. Continue reading “Women's Resource Center honors courageous women”

Horbal lecture features professor Mark Anthony Neal

nealThe 2011 Anne Pederson Women’s Resource Center Koryne Horbal lecture features Duke University professor and author Mark Anthony Neal speaking on the topic: “What the Hell is a Male Feminist?” The lecture is Thursday, November 3, at 11 a.m. in the Hoversten chapel.

Mark Anthony Neal is a professor of Black popular culture in the department of African and African American studies at Duke University, author of Blues Nation (2003) and New Black Man: Rethinking Black Masculinity (2005). Neal is engaged in interdisciplinary scholarly work in the fields of African-American, cultural, and gender studies that draws upon modes of inquiry informed by the fields of literary theory, urban sociology, social history, postmodern philosophy, Queer theory and most notably popular culture. Continue reading “Horbal lecture features professor Mark Anthony Neal”