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A feminist perspective of Luther's Theology of the Cross

reformation_lectureOn October 31, 1517, a theologian, university professor, and outlaw named Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church. This act, which marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, is celebrated at Augsburg College with the Founders Day Reformation Lecture series, this year featuring professor Deanna Thompson, chair of the Religion department at Hamline College.

The series began during the tenure of Augsburg’s former president, William V. Frame, as a vehicle to examine the connections between the Reformation and the Augsburg College mission. The series continues today, providing an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty at Augsburg to hear speakers who are experts in the field of Reformation history and theology while reaching out to the greater community, especially local congregations, pastors, and scholars. Continue reading “A feminist perspective of Luther's Theology of the Cross”