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Sverdrup lecturer to speak on global warming

sverdrup_convoAugsburg College presents the Sverdrup Visiting Scientist Lecture with Stephen H. Schneider of Stanford University.

The number of people in the world is increasing, and they will undoubtedly demand higher standards of living that likely will be fueled by cheap, available energy sources such as coal for electricity generation and petroleum for gas-consuming large automobile sources which emit large amounts of greenhouse gases.

Local, regional, and international actions to put in place both adaptation and mitigation policies are already beginning and much more could be done if there were political will to substantially reduce the magnitude of the risks. There are many actions that individuals, groups, businesses, cities, states, and countries can do to reduce global warming, while at the same time providing sustainable jobs and reduced dangers from importing oil from unreliable foreign sources. These actions help to motivate needed international cooperation. Continue reading “Sverdrup lecturer to speak on global warming”