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Alums find "Thunder" in the Augsburg Now

mannequin_nowFor the Spring 2012 issue of the Augsburg Now magazine, photographer Stephen Geffre shared a photo and some interesting factoids about the Augsburg grounds crew student break room. The magazine hit many alumni mailboxes last week, and the “personality of place” piece caught the eye of the family of Ryan Forsberg ’01.

Forsberg emailed Geffre:

I recently was made aware that our beloved mannequin has found a home. Though not where we left her (our spot was hidden but alas she was found), I’m glad to see she has been spared a life at the land fill. While [she was] not really my mannequin, but rather my roommate’s [Andy Akenson], I ask thee one huge favor. Though gone from our lives, she is remembered in our hearts. Share her real name to those that love her now. Let it be known her name was Thunder! Continue reading “Alums find "Thunder" in the Augsburg Now”