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Promising Future for Inside Augsburg

new_lookA new look for Inside Augsburg launches today, echoing Augsburg’s energetic urban spirit. The design change is just one part of a new marketing initiative aimed at telling the Augsburg story and celebrating what makes the college distinctive.

President Pribbenow named this effort the Augsburg Promise project because its key goal is to ensure consistency between the promises that the college makes about the Augsburg experience and the actual experiences of students and the rest of the Augsburg community.

The Augsburg booth at the Minnesota state fair, new recruitment materials and the Auggies Days service T-shirts also featured the new look to better communicate the Augsburg Promise. The marketing initiative goes beyond logos and advertising, however, to shape the many ways in which the college expresses its identity and mission. For example, campus signage and aesthetics, the campus visit experience, distinctive events such as orientation and homecoming, and even campus policies are being reconsidered in light of the messages they send about the College.

The redesign of Inside Augsburg is just one of the first ripples of the Augsburg Promise initiative – more changes are on the way.