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Andy Aoki answers WCCO ‘Good Question’ on ISIS

WCCOProfessor Andy Aoki spoke with WCCO-TV about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, known as ISIS, for the news station’s Good Question. Aoki, who teaches in the College’s political science department, explained to television viewers that ISIS is an extreme militant group that has been disavowed by Al Qaeda. He commented that this relatively young organization is rare, in part, because unlike most of history’s other horrific killers, this group isn’t trying to hide any of its actions. “It’s rare to find a group like this that’s not even embarrassed. Even the Nazis were denying some of the things they did. If you look at some of the most horrific killers the last 30 or 40 years, they’ve got to be in the top 5 so far,” he told viewers. Watch “Good Question: Who is ISIS.”

Veterans exhibit in Christensen Center

vet_exhibit The multimedia exhibit, “Warrior To Citizen: Stories of Minnesota’s Most Recent Veterans,” will be on Augsburg’s campus through Friday, Feb. 13. The exhibit is on display in the glass room next to the Student Art Gallery in the Christensen Center. This exhibit was designed by Kristin Farrell of the Center for Service, Work, and Learning at Augsburg.

The “Warrior To Citizen” exhibit features personal stories and artifacts gathered from 30 service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The exhibit captures an important piece of Minnesota history and offers a public space for thinking and talking about the ways military service impacts individuals and communities, and what veterans have to contribute. Continue reading “Veterans exhibit in Christensen Center”