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For some Auggies, summer means research

mathconferenceWhat would persuade an active young college student to spend eight hours a day for 10 weeks of her summer in a laboratory looking over carbon uptake data? Ask Jazmine Darden, a sophomore mathematics and physics major from Brooklyn Park.

“You learn what a career would be like,” she says. “You can’t sleep until noon because you have to be at work, and it helps you realize what you want to do.” Continue reading “For some Auggies, summer means research”

Getting students into the lab

lsampTwo first-year students, Fadli Mohamed and Makia Jama, spent four weeks in May testing for bacteria in the women’s locker room at Augsburg. They learned a great deal about microbiology from biology professor Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright and whetted their appetite for more research. This project was funded through the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP). On Thursday, July 9, the steering committee of the North Star Alliance, which administers the LSAMP program in Minnesota, will meet at Augsburg College. Continue reading “Getting students into the lab”