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Hanging art in New York City

wootenZac Wooten has more than graduation to look forward to this summer. This art history student is on his way to attend New York University in the fall in the profit arts and administration program. At NYU, Zac will earn his Master’s in Arts Administration (MAA).

Zac discovered his passion for art on a study abroad trip in Italy. There, he learned how art plays a significant role in everyday life in Italy. After returning to Augsburg as a theater major, Zac took a class with art history professor Kristen Anderson on the historical aspects of art. In a subsequent course, Kerry Morgan, Augsburg’s art gallery coordinator, noticed Zac’s passion for art. “He would attend art shows and stay after to ask questions,” she remembers. “Zac had above and beyond an interest in the art brought to campus.” He was interested in making art accessible to others. Continue reading “Hanging art in New York City”