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Recollections of Obama

jack_obamaIt was late January or early February when psychology assistant professor Lisa Jack had some friends over at her home. In the middle of the primary election season, the conversation turned to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Jack told her guests that she knew Obama back when they were both students at Occidental College in Los Angeles and that as an aspiring photographer she took pictures of him. Jack’s friends didn’t believe the story. So Jack went into her basement and, in about five minutes, found 36 negatives of Obama as a 19- or 20-year-old college student.

That the negatives survived is in some ways amazing. The negatives and one print were in a cellophane wrapper. They were never housed in a special container to protect the negatives. They sat in a box in the basement for years. They were moved seven times. Continue reading “Recollections of Obama”