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Commencement, senior gift honor class of 2008

commenceAugsburg is getting ready to celebrate the accomplishments of its 860 students in the Class of 2008 who are eligible to graduate this year at two Commencement Ceremonies — Saturday, May 3, and Sunday, June 29.

On May 3, 364 Day College students and 26 physician assistant studies students

cross campus for the last time as Augsburg students, marching to Melby

Hall through two long lines of faculty, who are cheering them on and

giving out well-deserved high-fives and hugs. For the weekday students

it’s a different scene than the one they remember on that day in September

when they marched as a class for the first time, to the Opening Ceremony,

timidly, through faculty welcoming them to college.  Continue reading “Commencement, senior gift honor class of 2008”