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On the air at KDWB

cerrito_internshipJohn Cerrito (the Augsburg student, not the Augsburg professor) has an internship many might find enviable. John works for the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show at KDWB-FM. True, he drags himself out of bed at 4 a.m. but he says the perks of the job, including free concert tickets and the opportunity to meet stars like Jessica Simpson and the Backstreet Boys, definitely make it worthwhile.

John was accepted for a summer internship with KDWB following his high school graduation. He began by performing typical intern duties, making coffee and doing lots of photocopying. Later, he was assigned more interesting tasks like pulling audio clips of television shows off the Internet to play on the show. John now selects the ones he thinks will be most useful for supporting the theme of the day’s show. Continue reading “On the air at KDWB”