Mixed Blood show features talents of alum

SindibadA message from Aaron Gabriel ’00

I recently had the privilege of composing a score for Interact’s new musical Sindibad: Artist and Outlaw, playing at the Mixed Blood Theater through December 20. The score is a mix of musical ideas from the past five decades as well as minimalism, world music, and polytonality. It’s been a great challenge and I have really enjoyed the creative freedom it has allowed. I have a great pit that includes Mindy Eschedor, Patrick Charbonneau, and Ryan Hughes.

From the Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts:

Sublime and ridiculous; literal yet abstract; wrenching, ethereal and humorous, Interact once again dissolves the expected boundaries in this world premiere of Sindibad: Artist and Outlaw, opening Saturday, November 29, at Mixed Blood Theatre. Through song, dance, historical clips and shadow puppetry, the performance weaves the real events of one man’s extraordinary life with actual events of the times. Continue reading “Mixed Blood show features talents of alum”