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Homemade — it's Augsburg uncensored

homemadeIf you want to know what it’s really like to be an Auggie, we think you should learn it from one of us. That’s the promise, or the directive, of “Homemade,” the website made by Augsburg students for Augsburg students.

Homemade began as a way for current Auggies to share their experiences with prospective students. Each class has two bloggers who keep delightfully detailed accounts of their life at Augsburg and in the city like cleaning tables and chairs on City Service Day, reading A LOT of books for just ONE class, and discovering the excellent restaurants in Dinkytown and downtown.

Editor Ali Rapp, a second year student who started blogging for Homemade last year, wants the site to be useful for prospective students and to give them reasons to come back. She hopes to expand the photography and video sections by holding contests and to add a chat room and recordings of student performances.

So if you want to know what it is really like to be an Auggie, read the blog of Lily Morris, a.k.a. “Lillian the Great,” a first-year trumpet player from Ogilve, Minn. (pop. 474) who’s thinking about majoring in history, political science, and/or medieval studies and loves RED.

And for some real honesty, be sure to check out Luis Monterrubio, a.k.a. “Mismo” a senior from Villa Coapa, Mexico who is definitely himself. Luis is experiencing the joys and frustrations of applying to graduate school (“This people want experience in just a sector of life… I would like to be modest, but I may just be able to school half of them in some intellectual ideas…”) and thinks our new foodservice provider is stifling his creativity (i.e., is a communist organization). But he loves Augsburg because you can be “random” here, and that is alright.

“Augsburg is random”

Wednesday, Oct. 15

But lets be honest, we all like that. The reason is that since the essence of the college environment is so random, no one really over judges your actions. You are just seen as part of the overall randomness of the campus.

Whether you play the bagpipe in the park, come to have lunch without belonging here, dress up like a character of Miami Vice, carry a boom box around, or support the republican party, you are what just makes this place random.

To read more and to meet the other Homemade bloggers, go to And if you’re interested in writing or have any ideas for Homemade, contact Ali Rapp at

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