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A summer of investigation and discovery

urgosummer10Research isn’t all test tubes and laboratories. This summer at Augsburg, students will create music, study Medieval history, compare Minnesota theatres, and even attempt to determine if a BMI can be established for dogs. For the 2010 URGO summer research projects, students will spend 200 or 400 hours conducting research with faculty from Augsburg and other institutions. Many will present their findings in May 2011 at Zyzzogeton, Augsburg’s year-end festival of academic and artistic achievement.

Saido Abdirashid, David Crowe

Test the hypothesis that the ability of neural networks to encode information in a sequence of states is a general property of randomly-associating neural networks


Jeremy Anthony, John Zobitz

Short and long-term responses of ecosystem carbon uptake to environmental effects


Steve Bergquist, Dave Hansen

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air and Nostoc growth and metabolism


Alex Bischoff, Mary Horozaniecki

Create three caprices for string quartet that develop essential skill sets for learning musicians


Brandon Bukowski, Jennifer-Bankers-Fulbright

Human airway biology pertaining to asthma, allergies, and the inflammatory response


Kimberly Carlson, Arlin Gyberg and Vivian Feng

Effect of electromagnetic stimulation (a novel biostimulation technique) on the growth trend of an algae species in a home-designed photobioreactor with optimal energy efficiency


Matthew Charboneau, Michael Lansing

Explore and compare Catholic and Protestant temperance movements in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century in Minnesota

Leah Childers, Henry Yoon

Explore the brain correlates associated with a class of disorders called externalizing (EXT)

Alycia Dahlen, Christina Erickson

The impact of the Ramsey County-St. Paul Public Health Wakanheza project on family home day care providers in Ramsey County

Andrew Fox, Phil Adamo

Create an on-line companion volume of primary sources to Joseph Lynch and Phillip Adamo, The Medieval Church: A Brief History, 2nd edition (forthcoming)

Lucia Gayoso, Robert Cowgill

Write a full script adapting Argentinean writer Adolfo Bioy Casare’s short story El Perurio de La Nieve (The Perjury of the Snow)

Samantha Gerhardson, Dr. Paul Mueller and Abi Ottenberg (Mayo Clinic, Rochester)

Identify the sources for patients’ hesitation and resistance for using Latitude to improve care plan and overall implant effectiveness and report noncompliance data for patients diagnosed with heart failure

Walker Glasoe, Dave Hansen

Examine rate of nucleation of sulfuric acid particles and find more reliable data on the nucleation of ammonium sulfate particles and what role they play in atmospheric nucleation

Jacob Grothjan, Ralph Butkowski

Assess the “Biological Condition” of a restored section of Rice Creek in Anoka County, Minnesota

Justin Ingebretson, Matt Beckman

Determine if dopaminergic neurons control motor behavior in Daphnia magna

Rebekah Iverson, Jacqui deVries and Dal Liddle

Investigate the lives, careers, and work of female contributors (such as Ella D’arcy, Evelyn Sharp, and George Egerton) to the influential late-Victorian publication The Yellow Book

Walker Krepps, Henry Yoon

Investigate the ongoing brain activity in participants at rest (i.e., resting EEG)

Marcos Lester McSweeney, Ralph Butkowski

Characterize the physical habitat along Rice Creek in a mile-long, restored section and collect insects as they emerge from the water to enter their flying, adult life stage

Katrina Lutze, Sarah Myers

Compare numerous Minnesota theatres in order to establish their equivalence (in terms of certain artistic elements) and to investigate points of nonequivalence

Erica Malloy, Susan Boecher

Research and produce three wearable art pieces that examine the intersection between two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork and the confluence of craft, couture, and costume in regards to fashion and fiber

Camille McAloney, Dr. Jamie Modiano and Dr. Anindya Bagchi

Determine if polymorphisms in the introns of the TERT gene vary by breed in dogs

Aidan Nancarrow, Phil Adamo

Research the environmental history of medieval Siena and the relationship between medieval Sienese society and its natural environment

Alexander Pinaire, Matt Beckman

Model the movement of individual Daphnia magna (water flea)

Maggie Pint, Bill Capman

Determine possibility of creating a body mass index (BMI) for dogs

Katie Radford, Pete Ralston

Understand how relational aggression influences the members of Girl Scout troops

Ali Rapp, Kristen Chamberlain

Examine the disconnect between acceptable sexuality represented in popular media in the U.S. as opposed to acceptable sexuality for Japanese individuals

Becky Shaheen, Sonja Thompson

Study traditions of classical Art Song composition and identify specific techniques used in composition

Jacob Slattery, Merilee Klemp

Compare the Baroque oboe to the modern oboe with respect to construction, performance, and reed-making and to learn to play the instrument

Whitney Walter, Anthony Clapp

Examine aspects of accountability of activity and hanges in body composition

Kathleen Watson, Sarah Myers

Explore questions of Jewish American identify and its potential extinction through playwriting and dramaturgy

Kate Woolever, Tara Sweeney

Investigate how the incorporation of the nonverbal language of art in English Language Learner classrooms affects students and student-teacher relationships


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