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Irvine to coordinate URGO summer research program

irvine_urgoThe Augsburg College office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity (URGO) today announced that Colin Irvine, associate professor of English, will serve as the URGO 2012 summer research coordinator, taking over most of the responsibilities previously performed by Dixie Shafer, URGO director.

With Irvine serving in this role, Shafer will be able to concentrate on assisting students with applications for fellowships and pre-health science positions. She will also be able to attend more national and international fellowship conferences to stay abreast of current issues and trends in the area. She will also continue to coordinate Zyzzogeton, Augsburg’s annual celebration of student research and creativity and work with graduate and off-campus summer research applicants. In collaboration with the URGO Advisory Council, she will continue to manage academic-year research and student travel opportunities. Continue reading “Irvine to coordinate URGO summer research program”

A summer of investigation and discovery

urgosummer10Research isn’t all test tubes and laboratories. This summer at Augsburg, students will create music, study Medieval history, compare Minnesota theatres, and even attempt to determine if a BMI can be established for dogs. For the 2010 URGO summer research projects, students will spend 200 or 400 hours conducting research with faculty from Augsburg and other institutions. Many will present their findings in May 2011 at Zyzzogeton, Augsburg’s year-end festival of academic and artistic achievement. Continue reading “A summer of investigation and discovery”