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Las Posadas reenacts journey of Mary and Joseph

lasposadasOn Friday, Dec. 9, Augsburg will celebrate “Las Posadas” during chapel. All are welcome to attend this festive event.

Las Posadas is a procession reenacting the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem in their search for lodging (posada), awaiting the birth of baby Jesus. It is cultural tradition in many Spanish-speaking communities around the world.

According to an article on Mexican arts and culture, in traditional Las Posadas celebrations, a party is held each night for nine days in a neighborhood home. At dusk, guests gather outside the house with children dressed as shepherds, angels and sometimes, Mary and Joseph. An angel leads the procession of “pilgrims,” followed by Mary and Joseph or by guests carrying their images. The adults follow, carrying lighted candles.

The travelers sing a song asking for shelter, and the hosts sing a reply, opening the doors to the guests and offering food and drink.

At Augsburg, Las Posadas marks the Advent season, a time of waiting for God’s will, hoping for peace and reconciliation, renewing faith, and reflecting on the value of true hospitality.

The Las Posadas celebration culminates with the Augsburg community sharing fellowship through food, music, and breaking piñatas.


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