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MinnPost: Augsburg University Among Anchor Institutions Studied

College leaders studied Augsburg University to better understand how such “anchor institutions” energize their urban neighborhoods.

Ira Harkavy, one of the pioneers of the anchor strategy at the University of Pennsylvania, visited Minnesota last summer as part of the delegation to study the work of the local Central Corridor Anchor Partnership, writes Jay Walljasper, a Fellow at Augsburg’s Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship, in the MinnPost article.

“I’ve learned a lot from the Central Corridor anchors for our work in Philadelphia,” Harkavy said.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul effort stands out nationally, he notes, for the sheer size of its anchor strategy — both geographically, stretching across 15 zip codes through the heart of the two cities, and for the number and variety of institutions and funding agencies involved, Harkavy adds.

View the MinnPost article.

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