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Aimee Bryant performs at vocatio chapel

vocatioArt has always been a part of personal faith lives. From religious icons, to hymns of praise, worshippers have used art as a tool to pray and praise. Songs and hymns give praise to God. Paintings and sculptures depict stories from scripture to let the worshipper understand the story in a new way. Dramas have brought sacred stories to life.

The 2008-2009 Vocatio Chapel Series, “Faith and the Imagination: The Call to the Arts” continues on Nov. 12 with Aimee K. Bryant. Often lauded as one of the Twin Cities’ finest musical theater performers, Aimee K. Bryant has finally released her highly anticipated debut CD. “Becoming” captures the blossoming of this singer/songwriter like a storyboard of still photographs in nonlinear detail. Continue reading “Aimee Bryant performs at vocatio chapel”