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How to arm a knight — and graduate in Medieval Studies

armorNot many senior projects require countless hours spent shaping steel with a hammer. And sandpaper and steel brushes aren’t often used to finish one of the most significant assignments in a student’s undergraduate career.

But Josh Davis’ project isn’t like most. For more than two years, Davis has spent the vast majority of his free time working to construct a full suit of armor. Based on armor of the late 1400s, Davis’ work is currently on display on the Link Level of Lindell Library.

On Thursday, Davis, a senior who will graduate with a degree in medieval studies, will don the suit and put on a demonstration on the green space between Lindell Library and Oren Gateway Center. The 3:30 p.m., presentation entitled “How to Arm a Knight” is part of the two days of Zyzzogeton, which celebrates the creativity and scholarships of undergraduate students. Continue reading “How to arm a knight — and graduate in Medieval Studies”