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The Minneapolis – Mosbach exchange

germany_exchangeIn early January, an airplane crossed the Atlantic from the U.S. to the E.U. carrying, among other passengers, Shannon Backes, a junior international business major from Augsburg. Another plane flew in the opposite direction bringing Timo Birkhold from Mosbach, Germany to Minneapolis. The two students have effectively traded places as each spends a semester abroad through the International Partners program.

Backes [pictured left] arrived in Mannheim, Germany on Jan. 13 to attend a two-week German language course at Mannheim University. Following that program, she moved to Mosbach, a small town about two hours from Frankfurt, to begin her studies at Berufsakademie Mosbach. Continue reading “The Minneapolis – Mosbach exchange”

Why study in Mexico? Ask Antonio

ortegaWho wouldn’t want to spend a semester in the “city of eternal spring”? Ask Antonio Ortega, a staff member at the Center for Global Education’s study site in Cuernavaca, Mexico. “I think students have been to Cancun or Acapulco and think ‘I’ve been there, done that.’ They think Mexico, as a place to study, is not as interesting as Europe or South Africa,” he said.

However, in addition to offering beautiful weather and mosquito-free nights, Antonio says Cuernavaca is an excellent location for students to learn about LGBT rights, the feminist movement in Mexico, environmental issues, or business and trade. Cuernavaca is also noted for its innovative grassroots organizations, alternative approaches to health care and education, and for its role in the history of social struggle. “And we have really great food,” he added. Continue reading “Why study in Mexico? Ask Antonio”

An Asian American perspective of South Korea

nou_changGrowing up, Nou Chang never imagined she would spend three months studying in another country. As a Hmong woman, studying abroad was not culturally accepted, nor was it financially feasible for her family. Despite these obstacles, Nou is “in a dream” in Seoul, South Korea where she is studying for a semester at Yonsei University on a Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) program. She applied for and was awarded the Gilman International Scholarship Program, which offers grants for undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Continue reading “An Asian American perspective of South Korea”

Study Abroad — A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

auggies_abroadWhile many Mexicans are heading north to Minneapolis, Augsburg students Courtnie Higgins and Sarah Mueller have headed south for a semester at Augsburg´s Center for Global Education (CGE) campus in Minneapolis’ newest sister-city, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

For Higgins (pictured right), the decision to study abroad in Mexico came quite easily. “I wanted to experience a new language and culture. In particular, I wanted to deepen my understanding of the complexities in the relationship between the United States and Mexico. To me, this was an opportunity to immerse myself in a different way of life that Mexico could offer that other countries in Europe couldn’t.” The decision came with a bit more difficulty for Mueller (pictured left). “I never thought I wanted to study abroad, but the experience has proved to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. It makes you see the world and your place in it differently.” Continue reading “Study Abroad — A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”

Ten Women. Nine Days. One Life-Changing Experience

Guatemala On a bright afternoon in late July, ten women from Augsburg College boarded a plane bound for Guatemala City. They were six students representing the day, weekend, and graduate programs, two faculty, and two staff members. Before this flight they were acquainted perhaps only casually, but the next nine days would change not only their relationships with each other but also their ideas about themselves. Their trip, sponsored by Augsburg’s Center for Teaching and Learning and Augsburg Abroad, was partially funded by the Hoversten Peace Endowment. Continue reading “Ten Women. Nine Days. One Life-Changing Experience”

Auggies traverse the concrete jungle

ecotripHow can a major metropolitan area — with all its concrete, glass, and steel — be green? How can it be eco-friendly and implement measures that will ensure its healthy future? That is precisely what students in the Sustainable Cities summer course are attempting to discover. Sociology professors Nancy Fischer and Lars Christiansen are leading a group of students through Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia to examine different facets of sustainability in an urban context. The course is a faculty-led seminar through Augsburg Abroad. Continue reading “Auggies traverse the concrete jungle”

Internships enhance the study abroad experience

CGE_InternshipsStudents who study abroad often return home and tell of profound, life-changing lessons. Through their programs, students come into contact with a wide range of people and circumstances, and many of these encounters lead students to explore careers or ways of life they had previously not considered. Augsburg’s Center for Global Education sums up this experience with a promise: “See the world through another’s eyes, and your world will never be the same.” Continue reading “Internships enhance the study abroad experience”

Teaching English in Thailand

ThailandJust after the May commencement ceremony, a group of students traveled to Thailand with English professor Kathy Swanson. The students were on a short-term summer study program through Augsburg Abroad.

“Experiences in Thai Education and Culture” required students to prepare, deliver, and assess their oral presentation for Thai students in both small group and classroom settings. They learned about pedagogy for teaching effective ELL (English Language Learners) students. The students taught in the cities of Bangkok and Chiangmai, and the rural village of Prachuab Kirikhan. Continue reading “Teaching English in Thailand”

Study in Mexico this fall — the airfare is paid!

mexicoIt’s not too late yet to apply for fall semester study abroad programs — the deadline is April 1. Two programs offered in Mexico through the Center for Global Education (CGE) are International Business and Global Citizenship, and Crossing Borders: Gender and Social Change in Mesoamerica.

For these courses, Augsburg students pay about the same costs as studying on campus, plus free round-trip airfare is offered.

In the Crossing Borders program, students examine key social, economic, political, and cultural issues in Mexico and El Salvador. They explore the interconnectedness of race, class, and gender, and see first hand the experience and empowerment of women. Continue reading “Study in Mexico this fall — the airfare is paid!”