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In the news: Campus Kitchens

farmersmarketOn July 5, Campus Kitchens at Augsburg College (CKAC) will begin its third year hosting a farmers’ market on campus. This year the market will also include ready-to-heat meals prepared by the students who staff the CKAC program in the summer.

The Campus Kitchen plans to use vegetables from the farmers market to make healthy meals for up to 250 neighborhood kids every day. On Sunday through Thursday nights, Augsburg students will lead free cooking classes on campus where participants will learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget, take a meal or two home with them, and use the class to prepare all 250 meals for the following day.


Don't be rude, leave your food!

moveoutLast week, as soon as they were finished with final exams, many Augsburg resident students rushed to move out of the residence halls in order to meet their Friday noon closing deadline. Rather than leave their unwanted food items hidden in a cupboard — or worse, pitch them into the garbage — students were asked to toss food donations into boxes labeled, “Don’t be rude, leave your food!”

Senior Joanna Flaten, Brian Noy of Campus Kitchens, and Urness hall director Amanda Temple coordinated the last-minute food collection effort. Two van-loads of food were donated to the Brian Coyle Center, and Campus Kitchens was able to use some of the food in a meal they prepared on Sunday evening. Continue reading “Don't be rude, leave your food!”

Turkeypalooza 2007

turkeyThis year marks the fifth annual Turkeypalooza at Augsburg, where Campus Kitchens teams together with students, faculty, staff, and community members to collect ingredients, deliver, and serve over 600 meals to members of our community. This includes children, families, the elderly, recent immigrants, andhomeless persons.

Turkeypalooza requires huge participation on behalf of the Augsburg  community because standard Campus Kitchens meals operate off of rescued donations. During Turkeypalooza, making traditional Thanksgiving meals means soliciting all of the ingredients to make turkeys, pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, Jell-O salad, and stuffing. Continue reading “Turkeypalooza 2007”