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New gallery exhibits feature landscapes, photography

Poetic Time Transfer: Canopy (det.), 2007, by Gregory Euclide

This past weekend, Augsburg College’s art galleries have been refreshed with new exhibitions that are open to the campus community and general public. In the Gage Family Art Gallery is Gregory Euclide’s “This is how I’ve been moving through it,” and the Christensen Center Art Gallery hosts Doug McGoldrick’s “Interior2.” Both exhibitions will run from May 16 – July 11. Continue reading “New gallery exhibits feature landscapes, photography”

New Art Gallery Exhibits and Events

galleryThe two most recent exhibitions in the Augsburg Art Galleries opened in the beginning of November and will be here until Dec. 16. The Gage Family Art Gallery in the Oren Gateway Center is showing “Journey Toward Healing,” collages by Janette Haley and photographs by Arthur Hand. The Christensen Center Art Gallery is showing “Threads of Community/Dunta Bulshada iskuxirta.”

The Christensen Center exhibition, “Threads of Community,” which in Somali is translated “Dunta Bulshada iskuxirta,” features colorful yarn weavings made by Somali elder women.  These weavers, who are refugees from the war in Somalia, are re-creating an art they learned from their mothers and grandmothers as teenagers. The women were not able to weave during the years spent in camps because they did not have materials. Continue reading “New Art Gallery Exhibits and Events”