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Talking, learning, and pedaling with peace in New Orleans

pedal“There is absolutely no way 15 bikes are going to fit on one bus,” the Greyhound lady told us, her hair standing on end like an aggravated feline. It was early morning on March 15. We stood at the bus, laden with our luggage, equipment and tents.

“We” were the Pedalers for Peace, and this was the all-too-appropriate beginning to what turned out to be the most unpredictable and completely eye-opening spring break.

The initial plan was simple — 13 students, one advisor, and their bikes would travel to New Orleans and tackle the 100-mile road to Biloxi, Mississippi. The idea was to camp and volunteer along the way. But the Greyhound lady took that plan out of the realm of possibility, so we turned to Plan B. Continue reading “Talking, learning, and pedaling with peace in New Orleans”