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Spokesman-Recorder covers LeVar Burton’s presentation at
Scholarship Weekend

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder - logoThe Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder recently published an article covering LeVar Burton’s Scholarship Weekend presentation. Burton, known for his roles in “Roots,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and as the host of “Reading Rainbow,” spoke about the importance of literacy and called for education that incorporates reading and art into technical fields.

“Education is the key to freedom,” said Burton. “No one can oppress you and no one can impose their point of view on you. I believe that literacy is the birthright of every single one of us on this planet, no exceptions.”

The Spokesman-Recorder article also notes that Burton cited his mother Erma Jean Christen, a dedicated reader, and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry as inspirations. Burton stressed the importance of diverse representation in media, saying that Star Trek’s inclusion of Lt. Uhura, one of the first prominent African-descended characters in television, helped him see himself as part of the future.

Read LeVar Burton fires up Augsburg fans for literacy on the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder site.