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Recipes from SBS 100

recipes If you didn’t eat in the Commons cafeteria on Wednesday, you missed a treat. The students in SBS 100: Environmental Connections prepared a scrumptious meal using locally grown and produced foods including greens they planted and harvested in Augsburg’s greenhouse. Congratulations class on a job well done!

Joe Underhill, one of the SBS 100 instructors, said he, Michael Lansing, and the students in the class had a lot of fun with the project but are also glad it’s done now. “My favorite comment was from two of our students, one of whom said he felt ‘warm inside’ after the meal, and the other who felt ‘full in a different way than I usually do’ after the meal, and in a good way. I think a lot of people have rarely or never really eaten this kind of fresh, really nutritious food.” Continue reading “Recipes from SBS 100”