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Festival of the Commons slated October 7-8 at Augsburg College

thecommonsEvery day we use and benefit from resources we all share—elements of “the commons” such as water, land, technology, public parks, and even culture. How society creates, uses, and manages the commons will be the theme of The Festival of the Commons, held October 7-8 at Augsburg College.

Elinor Ostrom, the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics, will be the keynote speaker. This professor of political science at Indiana University won the 2009 Nobel for research that demonstrates the worldwide importance of the commons.

She found that—counter to conventional wisdom—people could collaborate to use and manage natural resources, intellectual property, and other shared resources. Her work runs counter to current ideas about common property management, regulation, and privatization. Continue reading “Festival of the Commons slated October 7-8 at Augsburg College”

Meet the manager of Augsburg Jazz

Interview with Steven Schwartz, Augsburg Jazz Band Manager

1. What is your major/minor? What year are you? What is your hometown?

I’m a sophomore Music Business major and I’m minoring in Management Information Systems and Marketing. I was born and raised in Fond du Lac, WI, a city with a population of about 40,000. Fond du Lac is roughly seventy miles northeast of Madison.

2. You’re the jazz band manager? What exactly is involved with this responsibility? What is your favorite thing about it?

Yes, I am the Jazz Band Manager. The Jazz Manager position involves keeping the band organized and on time for rehearsals, concerts, and Sunday morning church run-outs where we play our gospel praise music. Continue reading “Meet the manager of Augsburg Jazz”