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Going to any lengths for sobriety

summitforsobrietyFor these young men, the story isn’t about getting sober, staying sober, or even about climbing a mountain. It’s about second chances and taking chances.

Tommy Chester and Andy Thomas [left to right] are both first-year students in Augsburg’s StepUPĀ® Program. Both tried to go to college twice and failed miserably they say, and both were scared to go to treatment for their addiction. Today they’re using the second chance they’ve been given to help others, specifically by climbing to the summit of Mt. Rainier. Continue reading “Going to any lengths for sobriety”

Reflection and gratitude — marking national recovery month

recovery_monthAugsburg College is one of the only higher education institutions in the country that offers a residential program for students in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The StepUPĀ® Program provides chemical-free housing, counseling, and a community of support for students.

Since 1997, StepUP has helped students in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs learn similar lessons about themselves. To date, more than 400 students from across the nation have participated and have maintained an 85% abstinence rate while in the program. They are successful in sobriety and in the classroom, earning a collective 3.2 GPA at Augsburg. Continue reading “Reflection and gratitude — marking national recovery month”