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Slovenia partnership leads to "The Heart of Europe" travel seminar

sloveniaIn May 2012, education professor Joe Erickson and psychology associate professor Stacy Freiheit traveled to the University of Ljubljana in Ljubljana, Slovenia to begin work on a proposed spring 2014 travel seminar for Augsburg students.

The seminar, called “The Heart of Europe,” would bring together two Augsburg courses, one each from psychology and education, comparing psychological and education traditions of several central European nations with American practices and history. Continue reading “Slovenia partnership leads to "The Heart of Europe" travel seminar”

Talking psychology at the Capitol

praska_capitolDavid Praska wanted to be a dentist and follow in the footsteps of his uncle, a successful orthodontist. “He had this great lifestyle, and I really wanted that,” Praska says. So in high school and the first two years of college, he focused on biology. “But I was never really good at it.”

Then he went to see Lisa Jack, an assistant professor of psychology at Augsburg. He said he was interested in psychology, and she asked him why. “I told her I liked watching people and how they operate,” Praska explained. The next thing he knew, they were mapping out a strategy for him to complete the psychology major in two years.

And that’s how David Praska, psychology major, found himself at the State Capitol building talking to legislators and guests about his research on therapies for children with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Continue reading “Talking psychology at the Capitol”