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Sabo Symposium: Funding for Minnesota education

sabosymposiumBy Jenny Pinther ’15 with Wendi Wheeler ’06

The spring 2012 Sabo Center Symposium featured two Minnesota task force members in a discussion about how to spend $100 million on racial integration programs in the metro area public schools. Peter A. Swenson and Scott Thomas were the co-chairs of the task force who spoke at Augsburg’s Sabo Symposium.

Their discussion was moderated by educational leaders Bill Green, Augsburg professor of history who also served on the task force, and Nan Skelton, director emerita of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship. Continue reading “Sabo Symposium: Funding for Minnesota education”

Let's calculate our carbon footprint

mpirgAugsburg’s student-organized Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG), has been very progressive around campus this semester — from organizing food banks, holding debate watching events, getting out the vote with the recent election, and working with students to make our campus green friendly. This year, MPRIG’s Environmental Task Force and Augsburg’s Environmental Stewardship Committee are working together on issues such as energy conservation, renewable energy, recycling, food composting, and transportation.

MPIRG and the Environmental Stewardship Committee are currently focusing on renewable energy, or energy obtained from sources that are naturally and continually replenished, and campus sustainability, which involves meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Last academic year, Augsburg was successful in organizing Focus the Nation and passed the wind-energy referendum that uses student fees to purchase wind-generated energy for the campus. Continue reading “Let's calculate our carbon footprint”