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Sabo Symposium: Funding for Minnesota education

sabosymposiumBy Jenny Pinther ’15 with Wendi Wheeler ’06

The spring 2012 Sabo Center Symposium featured two Minnesota task force members in a discussion about how to spend $100 million on racial integration programs in the metro area public schools. Peter A. Swenson and Scott Thomas were the co-chairs of the task force who spoke at Augsburg’s Sabo Symposium.

Their discussion was moderated by educational leaders Bill Green, Augsburg professor of history who also served on the task force, and Nan Skelton, director emerita of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship. Continue reading “Sabo Symposium: Funding for Minnesota education”

Olympian Billy Mills comes to Augsburg for Native Youth Visit Day

billymillsOlympic athlete Billy Mills will speak to 250 Native American students from grades 6-12 at Augsburg on Friday, Jan. 13 as part of Native Youth Visit Day.

“Native youth will have the chance to step foot on a college campus, something that many of these students have never done before,” said Jennifer Simon, event organizer and director of Augsburg’s American Indian Student Services.

“Students will get a feel for what college is like, and interact with current Native college students with the hope that they will see college is an option for them. We want to implant the idea in their minds that they, too, can and should be college students in the future.” Continue reading “Olympian Billy Mills comes to Augsburg for Native Youth Visit Day”