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Augsburg staff achievements recognized

staffrecognitionToday the Augsburg community celebrated the accomplishments of its staff at the annual staff recognition event. In addition to naming those who have served at the College for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years, the community also recognized those selected for outstanding contribution awards.

Staff are nominated by their colleagues for this award and recognized for their professional accomplishments as well as their dedication to their work and to serving the students, faculty, and staff.

Carly Eichhorst, associate director of financial aid, nominated her boss and mentor Paul Terrio. She says, “Paul approaches problem solving from a perspective of maximizing our resources. He has fostered a departmental culture that emphasizes creativity and working smarter. He helps us all see our role in shaping the community at Augsburg. He believes we are collectively called to live out the mission of the college.”

Nathan Lind was nominated by Carol Enke and also received letters of support from the education department. Carol writes, “Nathan is incredibly patient, thorough and conscientious. With Nathan as my LFC, if I want to learn how to do a new task, he is more than willing to take the time to teach me, step by step. In meetings with him, he continually challenges me to learn more about what a computer can do and shows me how a particular program will improve my efficiency. His knowledge in his field is extensive, but he has never made me feel inadequate (although oftentimes I am) when it comes to maneuvering any computer program. I have absolutely no qualms about contacting Nathan when a need arises.”

Congratulations to all staff who were recognized. Pictured here [L to R] are:

Lori York, Office of the Registrar

Paul Terrio, Student Financial Services

Nathan Lind, Information Technology

Dulce Oliva Monterrubio, Office of International Programs

Amanda Storm, Alumni Relations

Michael Grewe, LGBTQIA Student Services

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