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Mom's help + determination = degree

nguyenIt’s been six years since Augsburg senior Chau Nguyen last saw her mother. Six years since she last set foot in her native Vietnam. Six years since Chau arrived in the United States and worked her way — with Mom’s help — from an exchange student to graduating from Augsburg College on May 3 with a degree in International Business and Math.

Chau Nguyen grew up in Dalat City, Vietnam with her mother, stepfather, grandmother, sister, and brother. Her travels through the streets of Dalat gave Chau a constant reminder of the poverty in the city, especially among its many homeless children. As a girl, she remembers being scolded by her mother for stuffing her backpack full of rice and giving it away to less-fortunate children. Continue reading “Mom's help + determination = degree”

Augsburg scholars at the Capitol

postersThree Augsburg students participated in the Minnesota Private College’s 2008 Scholars Day at the Capitol last week. The poster session, held in the Capitol rotunda, highlighted the work of undergraduate students who contributed new knowledge to their fields or advanced their own creativity in exceptional ways. The Augsburg presentations were:

Kari Aanestad with English professor Dal Liddle — Ragnvald Aanestad and the Lutheran Sermon

Examines Ragnvald Aanestad’s attempts to interpret world events of the 1940s and 1950s to a small, traditional Lutheran congregation in the Midwest.

Chau Nguyen with business administration professor Steven Zitnick — Economic Impact of Vietnamese Businesses in Minnesota Continue reading “Augsburg scholars at the Capitol”