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Auggies aborad: Fia Goldfine in Germany

fia_germanyIn the months preceding my anxiously awaited departure to Bad Mergentheim, Germany I made a few personal preparations. About three months prior to leaving, I began learning the German language and reading all the books I could find on German history and tourist highlights that I wanted to be sure not to miss. Regardless, no amount of studying or research could have prepared me for the shock of landing in Frankfurt among a crowd of German speaking Deutschlanders. Soon after arriving, I took my first ride on the Bahn and made it to the scenic little town of Bad Mergentheim, in which I have spent the last two months studying. Continue reading “Auggies aborad: Fia Goldfine in Germany”

A summer in Paris

ipc_andersonMatt Anderson is a senior majoring in international business and business administration with a minor in philosophy. He is originally from Plainview, Minn. Matt’s photo, “Soccer at Le Sacré-Coeur,” won first place in the Portrait category in Augsburg’s International Photo Contest. Thanks, Matt for the story about your experience and this photo!


This past summer, I got the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, France. Through the Knowledge Exchange Institute, I enrolled in two classes that challenged me in the areas of European business and French society. Along with the classes, I had the experience of understanding French culture via walking tours of the city led by my professor. Continue reading “A summer in Paris”

Mom's help + determination = degree

nguyenIt’s been six years since Augsburg senior Chau Nguyen last saw her mother. Six years since she last set foot in her native Vietnam. Six years since Chau arrived in the United States and worked her way — with Mom’s help — from an exchange student to graduating from Augsburg College on May 3 with a degree in International Business and Math.

Chau Nguyen grew up in Dalat City, Vietnam with her mother, stepfather, grandmother, sister, and brother. Her travels through the streets of Dalat gave Chau a constant reminder of the poverty in the city, especially among its many homeless children. As a girl, she remembers being scolded by her mother for stuffing her backpack full of rice and giving it away to less-fortunate children. Continue reading “Mom's help + determination = degree”