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StepUP® Gala – Believe in Yourself

stepupgalaWhat would compel a Texan to travel to Minnesota in February? It’s safe to say she didn’t know about Minnesota winters or that February is still very much winter in the state. But it’s also true that she came to Minnesota to help a friend and because she believes in the work of the StepUP Program.

Kitty Harris, the associate dean of outreach and engagement in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University, was the keynote speaker at last weekend’s StepUP Gala. Harris and Augsburg’s StepUP Program director, Patrice Salmeri, are not only colleagues but also friends who have led their respective collegiate recovery programs since they filled the “big shoes” of their predecessors nine years ago. Continue reading “StepUP® Gala – Believe in Yourself”