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A'viands helps Augsburg get greener

going_greenSince they came to campus this summer, Augsburg’s new dining service provider has made a few changes. Walls were removed, countertops were replaced, and spaces were renamed. But the changes have been more than cosmetic. A’viands is working closely with the College to reduce its environmental footprint through a composting program, the “Trayless Tuesday” initiative, and the replacement of dishware with environmentally friendly products.

In September, Augsburg Dining began composting in the Commons cafeteria, the main dining hall for residents and faculty and staff. All leftover food and paper products from diners is placed in special composting containers rather than into the garbage receptacle. Continue reading “A'viands helps Augsburg get greener”

Change is afoot in the Commons

aviands If you travel up to the Commons in Christensen Center these days, it’s

hard to miss the sheets of plastic, rumblings of drills, and workers

in hard hats.

All of the construction is part of the changes that Augsburg’s new

dining services provider, A’viands, is working on this summer. Part of that work is a redesign of the main service area. The updates incorporate feedback received from the Augsburg community in the request-for-proposals process.

Most of the area will have a completely new look. The wall that

separated the service area and the seating area will be removed to

allow for better traffic flow and new cooking exhibition stations.

The space will get new tile and counter tops to help freshen up the

space. There also will be a new salad bar and condiment station. Continue reading “Change is afoot in the Commons”

A'viands — a delectable dish

aviands 1 Augsburg’s new campus dining services provider is a Midwest-based company with “a passion to serve great food from great people.” A’viands (the name means “a delectable dish”) was selected this spring by a committee of faculty, staff, and students.

“We’re thrilled to be at Augsburg,” said president and COO, Rick Sorel. “This is our largest account, and we are excited about the sense of partnership we see here.”

Though they didn’t officially begin operations at Augsburg until June 1, Sorel and other members of the A’viands team have been on campus regularly in the past weeks preparing for the transition. Continue reading “A'viands — a delectable dish”