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A'viands — a delectable dish

aviands 1 Augsburg’s new campus dining services provider is a Midwest-based company with “a passion to serve great food from great people.” A’viands (the name means “a delectable dish”) was selected this spring by a committee of faculty, staff, and students.

“We’re thrilled to be at Augsburg,” said president and COO, Rick Sorel. “This is our largest account, and we are excited about the sense of partnership we see here.”

Though they didn’t officially begin operations at Augsburg until June 1, Sorel and other members of the A’viands team have been on campus regularly in the past weeks preparing for the transition. Continue reading “A'viands — a delectable dish”

Augsburg evaluates its dining services

diningIn response to student concerns about the quality of food service, Augsburg has formed a search committee to review the options for how our campus is fed on a daily basis. This committee will be made of students, faculty, and staff.

Their first duty will be to shape how Augsburg explains its food needs to potential vendors. This explanation to service providers will take the form of a Request for Proposal (RFP), a document that is typically the first step in alerting contractors of an institution’s demand for services. Interested vendors will reply to the RFP, and the committee will review their responses. Once the field has been narrowed, the committee will taste-test samples from providers, visit other campuses to compare services, and interview the finalists. Taking all this information into consideration, the committee will then choose the best candidate to provide food services for Augsburg. Continue reading “Augsburg evaluates its dining services”