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Building more links between Minnesota and China

mpccuicThe links between Minnesotan and Chinese private colleges grew this week at the Joint Faculty Professional Development Institute, which met at Augsburg College from June 19-23. The institute is a product of two years of planning between the China Consortium members of the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC), United International College (UIC) in Zhuhai, China, and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) in Hong Kong. Continue reading “Building more links between Minnesota and China”

UIC students immersed in Minnesota culture

chinaThe 12 students visiting Augsburg from United International College in Zhuhai, China, find Americans friendly and polite, and believe they exercise more in a healthier environment than found in China. And baseball games, which aren’t found in China, have been exciting.

The students, ages 19-22, arrived in Minneapolis on July 2, just in time to meet American culture at a Fourth of July picnic on Nicollet Island, complete with hot dogs, potato salad, and fireworks. The students are enrolled in an Augsburg summer session course and are participating in a program on Minnesota history and culture. Before returning home on August 7, they will complete a project about Minnesota and Augsburg that they will present in China. Continue reading “UIC students immersed in Minnesota culture”

Update on the Pfaff's at UIC

pfaffs_update2Augsburg College health and physical education associate professor, Joyce Pfaff, and her husband, Doug, are teaching this semester at United International College in Zhuhai, China. Here’s an update from her blog.

Teaching at UIC — Nov. 19

I am about half way through my teaching experience at UIC and thought this might be a good time to tell everyone a little bit about teaching Chinese college students. For the most part I find my students at UIC very similar to my students at Augsburg. It took longer for us to get to know each other but the students in my 2 fitness classes are finally beginning to open up a bit and all of us are enjoying the classes more. Continue reading “Update on the Pfaff's at UIC”

President Pribbenow Speaks in China

President Paul Pribbenow delivers the second of two inaugural lectures by MPCC presidents at the MPCC/UIC Presidential Lecture Series. Seated behind him is Hong Kong Baptist university president and vice chancellor C. F. Ng, who also delivered an address

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, President Pribbenow delivered a lecture, “Joining a College: Liberal Arts as Civic Education,” at United International College (UIC) in Zhuhai, China. He traveled to China with College of St. Scholastica president Larry Goodwin and Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC) president David Laird. The purpose of this MPCC-sponsored visit was to attend and speak at the inaugural MPCC/UIC Presidential Lecture Series.

Hosting the MPCC group in Zhuhai was Edmund Kwok, UIC vice chancellor, and Hong Kong Baptist University president and vice chancellor C. F. Ng, who also delivered an address. Last year, an educational partnership was launched between MPCC and UIC, the first fully-sanctioned liberal arts college to be created in China in more than 50 years. UIC itself is a partnership between Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University. Continue reading “President Pribbenow Speaks in China”