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President of Doctors Without Borders talks with MPR

MPRLogoDr. Deane Marchbein, the president of the board of Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres), spoke prior to her keynote speech at the 26th Annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum with Tom Crann of MPR‘s All Things Considered. Marchbein, a medical doctor based out of Boston, talked of the work of the organization to deliver direct medical support to persons in need. Read an overview of the interview here.

Nobel Peace Prize Forum brings world to Minnesota’s doorstep


MINNEAPOLIS – The 26th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum – a conference that celebrates Nobel Peace Prize laureates, international and national leaders – continues March 7-9 in Minneapolis. The Forum, which explores issues related to business, arts, music, education, and global issues, kicked off on March 1 with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Continue reading “Nobel Peace Prize Forum brings world to Minnesota’s doorstep”