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Peace Prize Forum keynoter, Ian Bremmer, talks with MPR

MPRLogoThe founder of Eurasia Group, a global political risk assessment company, spoke with MPR about the unfolding situation in Ukraine prior to his presentation at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Ian Bremmer described on “The Daily Circuit” the upheaval in Ukraine as “the most seismic geopolitical events since 9/11.”

Nobel Peace Prize Forum brings world to Minnesota’s doorstep


MINNEAPOLIS – The 26th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum – a conference that celebrates Nobel Peace Prize laureates, international and national leaders – continues March 7-9 in Minneapolis. The Forum, which explores issues related to business, arts, music, education, and global issues, kicked off on March 1 with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Continue reading “Nobel Peace Prize Forum brings world to Minnesota’s doorstep”

Peace Prize Forum, Tibetan New Year earn media attention

The Forum received a range of print, radio, and television coverage. A small fraction of the stories  stories regarding the 2014 Forum — as well as Sunday’s New Year celebration — include: