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Marquell Moorer ’17 discusses college search experience with NPR

Augsburg College student Marquell Moorer ’17 was featured in an NPR story describing the difficulty students and their families face in comparing college financial aid packages. Moorer was accepted into a dozen colleges and universities following high school, and he described the confusion he experienced when he attempted to assess his financial obligation to each institution.

Moorer was involved in College Possible, a college access program that Augsburg supports by offering scholarships for participants. College Possible helped Moorer in making his decision to attend Augsburg.

Learn more on the NPR website.

The first "F" in FAFSA stands for free

finaidCan you get free money for college? Only if you apply.

April 15 is the priority deadline to apply for financial aid at Augsburg. All Day College students must submit their application to the Enrollment Center by this date or risk losing some of the aid that may be available to them.

Junior social work major Karen Thorp has already applied for next year. While some students’ families are able to assist them with tuition and fees, Thorp has paid for college herself with the help of financial aid.

As a high school senior, Thorp wanted to attend Augsburg because of the small campus and its connection with the city, but her mother said, “That’s out of your price range.” After she met with a financial aid counselor, Thorp knew her dream of attending Augsburg could be a reality.  Continue reading “The first "F" in FAFSA stands for free”

Do you have dollar/sense?

dollarsCredit-card debt is a problem that faces many college students. BusinessWeek reported last year that 75% of college students have cards, up from 67% in 1998. Nellie Mae, a student-loan corporation, found that the average outstanding balance on undergraduate credit cards was $2,169 in 2004.

To help students confront this issue, a 2-week program, entitled “dollar/sense,” will be held on campus starting Monday, Feb. 18. Its goal is to inform college students of the intricate and complicated financial world around them. The event will run intermittently from Feb.18 – 28 (see schedule below), and each session will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Christensen Center coffee lounge.  Continue reading “Do you have dollar/sense?”